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Sunday, 27 March 2011

You won't find another fool like me, babe (New Seekers 1973) PS

There was another reason why I didn’t want to write about this; it wasn’t just about my being a fool. I felt, despite everything, an element of disloyalty. Yes, I know it sounds deranged, but don’t forget my strict French, Catholic, 19th century upbringing – these things are hard to shake off, mes chers!

As it happens, after Stella had a go at me and I began to realise I’d never write another blog if I didn’t get the biker out of the way, I got another email from him. It was about an entirely unrelated matter – he just wanted the phone number of someone I'd mentioned who might be willing to help with one of his charitable projects. He was embarrassed to ask, obviously, but thought I would understand. I did. The Greater Good and all that crap.

But my conscience was pricking at me too. I knew I wanted to write about this fiasco, but – oh, you know - blergh, bloody scruples – I hate them. Remember I told you he was a poet and a writer?  We had, in fact, chatted about the possibility of co-writing something; I’ve never done that before and thought it might be fun.  Even the porno rewrite might have been amusing!

So I plucked up the chutzpah and I asked him if he’d mind if I wrote this story.  And he said, assuming anonymity was assured, not at all.

He… said… NotAtAll.       
He said he'd behaved like a prat, and as crazy stories go, it’s a good one. 

See - told you he was nice. Deep down.  
Oooh, what was that that just floated by?

Somebody ping it for me, for Christ’s sake!


Kettlehunter said...

Bette my dear you are an incorrigible romantic & even though you have been so rude about my(not inconsiderable) behind, which - I may remind you - I have the tree surgeons shave every 6 months, I look forward to hearing about your next encounter with Bubbles the Biker!! xx

aputapu said...

Dear Betty!
I absolutely love your blog although ( forgive me) it is a real challenge to understand everything as I am not native.
Some words are more universal (fe penis) and some other less... Anyway - please write more and let me enjoy that challenge.

Cousin Bette said...

Dear Aputapu - how delightful to hear from you! Any time you require a an explanation of any idiom or slang, please feel free to ask. I shall do my best to oblige.