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Thursday, 26 May 2011

She's Got It! Yeah, Baby, She's Got It!

There are some days when you just feel tremendously alive; I had one of those yesterday. From the minute I woke up, through to the journey to work and then all day long, resulting in plenty of fun, banter and cheekiness with my colleagues.

After work I nipped in to the local hostelry for a drink where, it just so happened, there was a wake - one of those enjoyable wakes where the deceased has given the opportunity to family and friends for another good old shindig since the last wedding, christening or funeral. I had to walk through the cheery throng to get to the loo; then I had to walk back.

Well, you'll never guess what! I was spotted! As I strolled by a group of chatty, laughing men and women comfortably sprawled at a large round table, one of the party grabbed me by the hand.

“Do you speak English?” he said.

“Yes,” I said.

“Great! My brothers have all just bet me five pounds that you won’t give me a kiss. But if I give you the five pounds, will you do it?” All this with a grin on his face and in extremely good-natured fashion. 

What’s in a kiss, right? “Sure,” I said, “But you don’t have to pay me. I’ll be happy to do it for nothing,” I said and planted a very loud smacker on his cheek.

His family giggled, marvelled at his chutzpah and teased him that he’d struck gold. So OK – they were all near, at or well beyond pensionable age. But who cares!? I’m fifty! He could have done the same to a 40 year old or a 30 year old, but no! He chose me! Woop, woop!

I suspect that when you are buzzing, your pheromones travel far and wide like dandelion spores carried by the breeze; mine must have landed on him. Hehe! Sharon Stone, pay attention! On the right day I can still wup yo’ skinny ass!

Wonder if that would have happened if I still had the wart, the grey hair, the broken capillaries, the moustache?? ;) Thanks, Stella! 

Now, if only I could manufacture that feeling on daily basis, I'd never need that sodding, bloody, pain-in-the-arse website! 

PS Guffaw! 'like dandelion spores carried by the breeze' - uncharacteristically lyrical... almost, erm... Keats. Them there pheromones affect so many things! 


Downith said...

You've still got it baby.

Flartray (Kettlehunter) said...

Woot Woot! xx

Cousin Bette said...

Haha! Thanks, gals! I'm just waiting for the 'Did he try to trip you up with his white stick first?' brigade to rock up!

sarah said...

Go Girl! x

Sarah said...

Meant to say - Go girlfriend - don't look back x

Ken said...

Geez Bette - Looks like I'm meeting the wrong 50 year olds! Sharon who?

Cousin Bette said...

Ken - You really mustn't believe ABSOLUTELY everything you read on here. Just nearly absolutely everything.;) It's amazing what can be achieved with the Paint application and good corsetry. Anyway, here's a present for you! I hope it works.


Anonymous said...

Haha! Thanks. I understand. If I were drawing myself, i'd draw two circles and two feet - but that would also be a tad too exaggerated. There is more to me than that! No neck to speak of but that's not really too important right?

Cousin Bette said...

Anonymous - A neck is neither here nor there; it's the soul that counts... :D

Ken said...

Thanks for the kind welcome Bette. I took the opportunity to go to Blog Post 1 and 2 and well you see where it went. Great fun. I think your observations will be helpful to me - well I hope so anyway.:-)

bella69 said...

GO BETTE!!! You've still got it girl and I suspect in abundance ( Stellas just helped tweak a few bits and bobs!). So glad that this little event added to an already sunshiny day for you. I find every little bit helps when it comes to flattery and our ever fragile egos as one ages gracefully ( not you Stella we know ageing ‘gracefully' doesn't feature in your world. Bring out the Botox, fillers and scalpels is more like it eh??? Lol). Anyway now you know you've still got it let's hope you find someone to share it with sooner rather than later, get on that website hun and don't spare the horses! Til the next time.....