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Friday, 13 May 2011

Baffled By My Own Sex

Do you remember NVQ? The guy I really wanted to talk to unencumbered by all the other people who were sending me messages? Well, we did communicate further, or that is to say, he did. I’d given him an opportunity -- by sending him my hotmail address -- to continue the semi-meaningful exchange we’d begun on the dating website.

Why did I bother? What a tosser! The next three messages from him remained on the website, and guess what he sent me? Links to other female members to show me what "horrors" he had found roughly in my age group.

Two things strike me about this.
  1. Exactly what pleasure did this bring him? 
  2. Why do the women feel the need to exhibit themselves in such an overtly sexual manner?    

One lady, whose boobs must be at least a size 48 ZZ, displays her wares almost to the full, braless, just a bit of fabric covering her nipples, which means that technically she can’t be removed off the site for nudity. The next wears a low cut leopard skin dress and, in a feline stretch forwards on what looks like her kitchen table, is showing all her bounty and licking her lips. Another straddles a motor bike wearing nothing but a teeshirt and thong and drinking from a beer bottle.  

Judging by the main sections of their profiles, which are well written and witty, these are professional, intelligent women. In fact, I kind of like the sound of them! They could be my new best friends! And if they want to market themselves in this way, who the hell am I to judge?

However, HOWEVER, what the hell possessed them? Their concluding paragraphs, which demonstrate a -- to me -- incomprehensible level of outrage, invariably rant at all the men who pass lewd, suggestive and /or disgusting remarks. They finish their profile by saying time-wasters and players need not apply.

Eh? What? Ladies, what did you expect?

How on earth can you imagine that such photos won’t invite unfavourable comments? Have you lost all your faculties? A decent guy is unlikely to get in touch; the what-seemed-a nice guy (NVQ) will forward your pics to other women like me: the guy who is after one thing and one thing only or who just wants to take the piss might contact you with a “Great tits!” or “I’d like to get between those two puppies!”

I just don’t get it. Can any readers enlighten me, please? 


Anonymous said...

Totally contradictory. I am with you 100% on why someone would want to 'market' themselves that way, but then to say no players, or one night stands or whatever? Totally doesn't make sense.

Stella said...

I agree with Ellen, just what is going on with these women. Personally I think in this enlightened age they think that it is perfectly acceptable to behave/dress inappropriately, with no class or elegance, and this will somehow find them the man of their dreams when they look just like they have walked off an episode of the wonderful, (I thought my life was crap, but actually it's rather good and now I feel so much better.) Mr J Kyle show. They are then truly astonished when men treat/speak to them like they would a 'hooker'. Of course there are a lot of men in the wonderful world of internet dating who try the fancy a shag line even if your pictures are perfectly pleasant and respectable. But that Bette my dear is another story. xx

Cousin Bette said...

Stella - I know! Because I have seen your photos. How anybody can say "Fancy a shag" to a woman dressed as Nanook of the North is beyond me. Maybe it's the thought of peeling off all those layers?