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Saturday, 2 July 2011

The Injustice!

Treat yourself to this on another page, while you are reading. :)

Yesterday evening I was in a restaurant having a bite to eat with a girlfriend when I noticed someone watching me in between vaguely attending to the conversation that was going on at his own table.  He was roughly my age, very delicious looking (I mean, oh, sigh, from my point of view, absolutely drop-dead-let’s-not-bother-with-any-conversation gorgeous), and he kept catching my eye - ooh, get me! So, I met his gaze – briefly, tantalisingly briefly. As my friend and I were leaving, I could sense him looking at me again, so I thought ‘Sod it!’ and turned round and smiled. He smiled back, mouth, eyes and - if I'm not very much mistaken - brain. Swoon!

How’s about this for a fairy tale? Next Friday I shall go to the same place again on my own. He, totally besotted, will also go back there to see if it’s one of my regular haunts. We'll glance at one other for ten minutes, and then he’ll come over and ask me if I’d like to join him, or whether he can join me. He will, of course, be interesting, funny, strong, flirty, manly, considerate, gentlemanly, massively solvent. While I'm in the Ladies, he'll unobtrusively pay the bill, and then he’ll offer to walk me back to my car. When we get there, he’ll immediately say “When can I see you again?” And the rest, dear friends, family, followers, random people who have popped into here, will end in the words “and they snogged and shagged lived happily ever after.”

There's that noise overhead again! 

Meanwhile, until the happy ending materializes, I'm off on a date tonight...  


Danusia said...

first of all: The uploader has not made this video available in your country. Sorry about that.
but I'm sort of thinking "hmmmm there's a tag that lists a fellow Canadian, Michael Buble... and he's got this song, "I still haven't met you yet"... could it be?" (so far the little grey cells haven't let me down!)...
anyway, ma chere CB, do make sure you've got backup if you pursue this line of thought, i.e., make sure friends know when you're going, exactly where, keep in touch with them throughout the evening (my motherly instincts are coming to the fore here), you know the routine.
fingers and eyes crossed... let us know what happens!

Cousin Bette said...

Hey Dani! Yes, that was the song. I play it in the car on my way to every date! Always (nearly always) hopeful. And for sure, for sure, I'll never meet that Mr Gorgeous again. Looking on the bright side - rallying as usual - he's probably married and farts under the duvet. A lucky escape!

Anonymous said...

Bette! You should have written your name and number down on a cocktail napkin and given it to him on your way out! Only one of 2 things could happen: 1) he calls and you live happily ever after or 2) he's a moron, doesn't call, and you'll never see him again anyway! Take a chance silly girl! :-)

And can't wait to hear about your date! Fingers crossed that it's a good one! Okay, at least a decent one!

Cousin Bette said...

I am beginning to seriously consider going back there next Friday just in case! I'll have to get calling cards made up for these unexpected moments. I was thinking of something like my phone number followed by "Wanna snog?" Too forward?