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Easy for him to say! All he ever has to do is wash and shave. That's because he's a man.

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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Au Revoir, Mes Chers Amis...

...for a few weeks. Here you go - open this on another page now and you won't be disappointed. Well, you probably will be, but it might take you old uns down Memory Lane for a moment. Done it? Don't it just make you wanna break plates? 

OK, guys! Time to hit the convent trail! I’m packed and all iPodded and Kindled up. The iPod is chocca with the likes of this, this and this, and there are equally weird combinations of literature going on in the Kindle; plenty of stuff en francais, of course, some gloriously free classics like Middlemarch along with what could turn out to be my favourite (hehe!) Rampant - very, very dodgy! It’ll keep me amused in the wee small hours… ;)

Stella, unlike me, has been busy on the dating front, very busy, so I shall at some point be posting her latest adventures, you’ll be glad to hear. She is, it has to be said, consistently more reckless crazy hopelessly romantic interesting than I am. Plus, she's willing to put in the (wo)man hours involved in achieving her goal; that's what I love about her - the relentless inability to learn optimism. So, in between 

Matins : the night office (2 am),
Lauds : the early morning service of divine office (5am)
Prime : The 6am service,
Terce : the second of the Little Hours of divine office (9 am),
Sext : the third of the Little Hours of divine office (12 pm),
Nones : the fourth of the Little Hours of the divine office (3 pm),
Vespers : the evening service of divine office (4 - 5pm),
Compline : the last of the day services of divine office (6pm),

I’ll try to sneak out my netbook and tell you what’s been going on in her life of late.

Lord, I’m gonna be knackered from all that praying, and it’s gonna play havoc with my knees, I can tell you, but there is also the merest possibility that I might be able to sneak out when the Sisters aren’t looking - you know, hide myself in a passing haycart or something - and if I get any, ahem, ‘action’ anywhere, you shall be the first to be informed. Don’t hold your breath – me and my luck, setra. 


basheeran said...

When you gorra go, you gorra go. Bon voyage, bonnes vacances et bonne chance! Looking forward to the literacy masterpiece in due course. Hope the knees hold out! xx

Must hang sally said...

In the 'words' of Rose in the film Titanic ..... "Come back ...... glug"!!! xxx