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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Will you miss me?

Friends, followers and occasional lurkers… Lend me your oreilles!

Sadly I must leave you for a few days. I have been summoned to my old convent where, according to the Sisters Bernadette and Marie-Claude, there is only limited internet access. I’m not likely to be going on any dates either, that is, unless Pere Jacques comes up trumps, and that’s hardly likely since the randy old goat must be 95 by now. If I’d had the foresight, I would have bought some of this, desperate as I am, but I didn’t.  Anyway, if I can sneak out of matins and get me to a computer, I shall inform you if there’s any new priestly totty.

The sisters aren’t happy with my behaviour; they were trying to buy some new wimples on line when they came across my blog and recognised me immediately; they say I have let the order down with my illustrations and pics. Although, as far as I'm concerned, that feat of engineering  looks like something Opus Dei might be interested in, in a kind of a self flagellatory way. Add one of these, possibly in black, and you’ve got all you need – two items of torture. So, I really don’t know what the Sisters are objecting to; it’s all pretty much of a muchness, a mon avis.

Therefore, instead of wondering how to deal with the various inconveniences of ageing and catching up on moronic emails from moronic men, I shall be busy going to confession and repenting for putting such trash into the ether.

Ugh, black is just not my colour.

And then I’ll come back and start all over again ;), because I haven't gotten round to spilling the haricots verts about Laurie yet. Mmm. Lush. 


Kettlehunter said...

Repent ye well Sister! I look forward to your next installment - in a way it is a confessional so you are not breaking any vows - well maybe just a tiny few.....!

Mustang Sally said...

Have fun and come back with some good tales!

Anonymous said...

OF COURSE we'll miss you. Where exactly is this convent? Is it somewhere hot and sunny? - sorry only asking

Anonymous said...

and is there an open bar?

Downith said...

Oh sure, I come back from my penance trip and you take off on yours? That's not very Christian of you CB.

basheeran said...

Take your penance well. Ah the twitch upon the thread (s'etra). I would personally use the time for an intensive facial and checking out those cuticles in the privacy of my cell...However, in the words of Fagin (hands across the religious divide) 'getalong but be back soon, lor' knows but how I'll miss ya....'

suki said...

have i missed something? when did you go into a convent? and who is laurie...i must have missed various important episodes!!

Cousin Bette said...

Suki - You really must keep up, dear!Stop watching Eastenders and start reading this hyper fascinating blog. Hehe! OMG, I forget to tell the Laurie story! So much to tell and so little time to tell it in. Coming up shortly.